November 20, 2011

Faith: The Power of Prayer

God is so awesome, and He loves to reveal himself in interesting ways. Since knowing about the possibility of my parents (and me) moving to Florida, God has shown up in ways so obvious that I COULD NOT ignore Him. In the process of seeing all these signs I never once considered that maybe, maybe they were meant for me to see. They were only there to affirm my parents right? Yeah well... I guess not! haha The day I started to pray I got NERVOUS. I got nervous because I started getting excited about how God could use me there. I know it sounds weird to be nervous about that but, the conflict I faced was that I was feeling lead to go, but I wanted to stay here where I was comfortable, involved, appreciated.

Appreciated? See what I realized is that I could be way more than just appreciated but I could be used by the living God to further His kingdom! Don’t get me wrong, I know that I can and am called to be a light wherever I am, but there is something miraculous about being in the very center of where God wants you that is energizing, and electrifying. If I could challenge you with one thing it would be this:

Pray for God’s perfect plan in your life. Pray crazy prayers. Pray with a sincere heart. Try to dream as big as God does, because as soon as you give up “normal”, He will use you to do bigger and greater things than YOU could have ever dreamed.

Just REMEMBER: The Power of Prayer can, and probably will change your life in radical ways. But through Him; We can change the world.

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