March 1, 2012

The Fuel

I just want to say that I'm really sorry for not blogging at all recently.  I'm not going to say that I am going to blog on a regular basis from here on out, because I've tried that and I didn't do what I said I would. I don't like to lie.  So again I'm sorry, but I have some things I want to share with you. 

First off I want to say how much I miss everything about Minnesota.  I grew up there and poured my life into my church there, my friends there, and my family there.  Naturally I am going to miss what I consider "Home".  I am going to feel like a part of me is missing, or has been taken away.  Through all of this, I've realized how blessed I was, and even how blessed I am right now.  I don't feel like I really left everything behind, but more like I left a certain platform in my life; a chapter you might say.  When I think about authors who write books, I can only imagine that they put all their time in effort into every chapter, and every adjective that gives character to every sentence.  But when they finish that chapter, they don't move on to the next and pretend like the previous chapter never happened. No, they take the details from before, to form and mold the next chapter into a beautiful story.  A story with intricate details, where the past affects the future, and the future affects the past.  Authors create stories with a purpose in mind.  By starting this next chapter in my life, I am really getting to see how God is writing my story.  How He is shaping me to live out a life long vision, that gives Him glory.  I know it won't be easy, in fact it's intimidating. But by giving up everything, I have found an authentic passion to complete what I was called to do.

I honestly believe that God's kingdom is built by people who have an authentic passion for their purpose in God's plan, and that passion can only be fueled by truly surrendering yourself to Him.  If someone offered you your dream job, and said to you, "The only thing I want you to do, is give me your house because I don't like mine anymore and I think yours is cooler.  If you do that, the job is yours. No strings attached." you wouldn't just be like, "DEAL! It's yours." No, you would think about all of your different options and probably put a lot of energy and thought into your decision.  Now lets just say that you decide to give up your house for your DREAM JOB after many hours of stressful days and sleepless nights, thinking about the decision that you need to make.  Would you go in to work your first day in some old smelly jeans, and with broccoli stuck in your teeth from your supper the night before? I doubt it.  You would take ownership for two reasons:

1.)  This job is a privilege, and the decisions that you make everyday will affect who comes after you forever.

2.)  You gave up everything that you have to step into this position.  By making one decision, you've instantly poured your heart and soul into this job.

God hired you a long time ago, by sending His only son to die on the cross for your and for me.  He is always there waiting... hoping that you accept his free gift of love.  By surrendering our hearts to God, a passion will ignite in our hearts that is fueled by our commitment and love for Him.  The decisions that we make everyday, whether that be big or small, affect our life and the lives of everyone around us, for eternity.  God has called us to look at even the SMALL situations in life with a HUGE passion and purpose.  Let's live out our passion for God everyday, by surrendering our hearts to Him. Together we will build God's Kingdom.

What fuels you?