November 15, 2011

Faith: The Beginning

About three months ago my family and I started on journey that has now exploded into something amazing, and God has definitely directed us to new and different things. I want to share this with you.

A while back I had tried blogging and I actually really enjoyed it but I had a hard time keeping up with writing for a few different reasons: I was busy, and I didn’t always know what I should write about. Lately my life has been changing majorly and I’m pretty sure there is no way that I will run out of things to write about! Here we go.

I am seventeen and I was born in Minnesota. For sixteen of those years I lived in the same house that I do now. I grew up with my dad as the lead pastor of my church which had it’s own experiences, but most importantly, I grew up in a home that loves and strives after God’s plan for our lives. I really respect my parents for helping me experience God on my own terms. God is not looking for us to follow a bunch of His rules and regulations, but instead to experience Him in a real and relevant way! When Jesus really got a hold of MY heart, I realized that he loves me and that he DOES have a plan for my life working for His purposes. God has blessed me so much with the friends that I have and opportunities He has given me, but recently I opened my heart to God’s plan for me and was forced to come to an extreme realization. My friends, my stuff, and the experiences I have had was not God’s future for my life. That was just The Beginning.


Lauren Jean said...

I'm glad you've started blogging again! I'm excited to see what God's been revealing to you, and where you're going! Keep this up!

Lynn said...

Shane I'm really sad to see you go... but I'm looking forward to watching the way God moves in your life!