November 15, 2011

Faith: Florida?

Let’s get right into this. I am moving to Florida with my parents sometime around the end of December. My dad took a job as The Executive Director of International Ministries for Converge Worldwide. Converge is a denomination made up of right around 1000 churches around the United States and is based out of Orlando, Florida. I never thought in a million years that I would end up in Florida!

One day after school my dad picked me and was driving me to work and when we got there we were a little early... So this is what my dad says to me, “How would you feel about living in Florida?”. Well that really caught me off guard!!! I made him explain and it went like this.

Converge called him and told him that he was a candidate for this new role. At this point they had been looking for someone for about nine months I believe. In the call they asked to him to just pray about applying for the job (now let’s understand that applying does not mean that he is taking the position. There were so many other things that had to happen before it was official.) After praying for a while (this is the short version) he turned in his resume to the board. Long story short, he ended up being the person God has chosen for this position. This is where I start to wrestle with the idea of moving there with them!

NO WAY!... That was my first reaction, and it was actually my reaction for probably 2 months or so. If there is anything to be learned here it’s; don’t shut off your mind to praying about something because it may be God’s perfect plan for you.

Not to long ago my dad challenged me, “Shane, I know you don’t want to move to Florida and I totally understand why but have you actually prayed about possibly going? I will support you no matter what decision you make because I know you will be in the center of God’s plan for you.” Well that put me in a pickle!! So i started to pray. I thought about the idea and eventually I started to feel lead there. But even then my most common prayer went something like this, “Florida? Now?...FLORIDA???”


Anonymous said...

hey shane its me TOM (marc the swiss guy) imgot huge respect how u write about thimgs like that. I can tell u that fimdimg friends is a pretty simple thing, u just gotta be yourself. I wish u all the best for the new beginning!!

marc the swiss!!!

SHANE said...

TOM!!!!!! It's great to hear from you man. Thanks for your support! I hope everything is good for you over there too!

Kathleen said...

Shane even though I do not know you well, I can tell you are a very unique young man. You will thrive because you, at such a relatively young age, already know that God has a beautiful plan for you life, be it here in MN or in FL! I know it will be a great blessing for your parents that you are going with them. I respect you and your difficult choice and will continue to pray for amazing opportunities to open up for you where ever you call home. God bless you!